Minimum Order and Sample Policy

How to Order Samples

Ordering samples from BelTile is easy. Simply select the "order sample" found on the product detail page of each product. under the Add to Cart button. Many samples are $3.95 each plus shipping when a sample is available.   Occasionally, small samples or swatches are not available and we will advise you of such.  If a sample is NOT available, then pricing is as follows:

  • Stone Tiles are the per square foot price as listed, we will provide a 20% discount on this cost.  We cannot ship large format tiles, i.e. greater than 12x12 via UPS.   We can email lot photos or ship smaller samples, i.e. 12x12 of the material.
  • Hand painted and Decorative hand painted ceramic tiles are the full price per tile
  • Stone Mosaics: Full size sheet with a 20% discount.
  • Porcelain Tiles:  Per SF price of the smallest full size tile with a 20% discount. 
  • Cement Tiles: $9.50 per tile 8x8.

Minimum Order Requirements

All of our products have minimum order requirements which are stated on each product page.  For many products, you can combine products to meet this minimum order quantity.   For example, you can order 25 square feet of a subway tile and 30 square feet of hexagon porcelain mosaics.  On some products you can order less than the minimum but there will be an additional handling charge and shipping will have to be calculated by Customer Service.  In addition, you will need to order full boxes not partial.  (Typically, we are not able to waive the minimums on stone tiles or ceramic wall tiles but you can always ask!).    Although the shopping cart may allow you to process an order which does not meet the minimum requirement, we manually review all orders before processing and will have to cancel orders which do not meet the minimum.    We do not sell ceramic trim pieces separate from an order of ceramic field tiles.    No discounts are available to orders less than the minimum quantity.

Sample Policy

Samples are available for most products.  SIZE OF SAMPLE ARE NOT GUARANTEED.   Most samples are small swatches of materials, not full size sheets or tiles. We do not ship full size sheet samples, unless specifically requested in the "Special Instructions" section or via phone and there will be an additional handling charge.  We can only provide one sample of the same product per customer.   If you order quantity “1” all products, that will be considered a sample.  Samples may not be returned for credit.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CLAIMS FOR DAMAGED SAMPLES.   We do not send out trim pieces as samples, only field tiles.   

Stone Tiles: Products, such as natural stone, are very difficult to evaluate with only one piece, thus we recommend you first request if a lot photo of the material can be provided so that you can see the range of the material.  (Not all of our warehouses are set up to provide lot photos.)   For Natural Stone, we recommend that you order at least 3 pieces to see the full variation.   To order a sample from the current lot, simply put quantity 1 or more in your shopping cart. Stone samples may not be returned for credit.  Most of our stone samples come to you in a 4"x4" format.  If you need a specific size, please call and we can advise you of the additional charges involved in shipping a single, large format tile sample.  Shipping charges are additional.    WE DO NOT MAKE ANY GUARANTEES AGAINST DAMAGE FOR LARGE FORMAT SAMPLE REQUESTS, SUCH AS TILES OVER 12"X12", ORDERING TILES LARGER THAN SAMPLE SIZES AS INDIVIDUAL TILES ARE AT YOUR OWN RISK.   WE CAN OFTEN PROVIDE LOT PHOTOS SO YOU CAN SEE THE RANGE OF MATERIALS FOR LARGER FORMAT TILES. Sizes and thickness are not guaranteed. Materials may be presented in empirical sizes however are actually fabricated on the nearest metric size. In addition natural stone processing inherently has allowed toleration variances of sizing.

  • Ceramic Subway Tiles and Basic Field Tiles: Samples consist of 1 tile, i.e. 3x6 or 4 1/4 x 4 1/4.   Multiple samples of the same SKU cannot be provided to the same customer.
  • Stone Mosaics:  Most samples are a swatch.  
  • Glass Mosaics Most samples are small swatches of materials, not full size sheets. 
  • Handpainted Decorative Ceramic Tiles:  Full size tiles only.  Swatches are not available.  Samples are just that, they may have defects, chipped or have mortar on them. Samples are not meant to be used in place of a regular order.   They are designed to aide with color and may be partial tiles.
  • Porcelain Mosaics:   Most samples are small swatches of materials, not full size sheets,available for these products.  Multiple samples of the same SKU cannot be provided to the same customer.  
  • Porcelain Tiles:  Most samples are small swatches of materials, not full size tiles.
  • Cement Tiles: Samples will be full size tiles.   Please specify if you want to see the field or border tile.
  • Limestone Slabs:  Most samples are 6x6 pieces.   We do our best to protect the pieces against breakage, but no guarantees can be made. IF YOU SEE ANY DAMAGE TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, MAKE A NOTE BEFORE SIGNING FOR THE SHIPMENT.