Unglazed Mosaics

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Unglazed mosaics are ideal for residential AND commercial installations. We have unglazed spirals, unglazed hexagons, unglazed square mosaics, along with some unglazed octagon and dot patterns. Unglazed mosaics are ideal for those who wish to have a true vintage look in their 1920's or 30's style home as that was the material used during that time. We are often asked about the benefits of glazed vs unglazed mosaics. Generally it is recommend that you seal the unglazed tiles. Unglazed are through body tiles so if there are any heavy pans which tumble and chip the surface, it would not be evident. On a glazed surface, you get the added protection of the glaze against stains and a brighter color due to the glaze. However, it is possible to chip the surface of the tile and reveal the base of the tile which is often grey. With that, this does not generally happen in a bathroom setting as there are not heavy items to fall and damage the tile. If you want to be historically accurate, we would recommend going with the unglazed mosaic tile.
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