Delivery Instructions

We will do everything to make your delivery as seamless as possible.   Please review the following and ensure that you are familiar with all of the delivery receipt processes.

Unless other arrangements have been made, you must be at the delivery address, or have someone there to assist in receiving the order and inspecting the materials.   If you have someone other than yourself at the delivery address, that person must be able to inspect the order on your behalf. 
  • Drivers will unload materials to curbside, meaning unloading is usually limited to the end of the driveway.  Drivers may roll the material on pallet jacks to a more convenient location, however, the ultimate responsibility for receipt and final placement of the material is upon the purchaser.   You can request inside delivery at an additional charge.   Please call a BelTile sales associate if that is of interest.    
  • UPS will make up to 3 delivery attempts.   If no one is available to receive the shipment, they will return the merchandise and you will be responsible for any restocking and return fees.
  • If your order is over 150 lbs, we will ship your materials via common carrier.   Common carriers will charge storage if you are unable to schedule a delivery appointment in a timely manner.  Some carriers begin charging storage on the second day of arrival to the terminal if they are unable to reach the client for an appointment.  Any storage fees would be the responsibility of the customer. 
  • NEVER REFUSE A SHIPMENT UNLESS AUTHORIZED BY BelTile.  You will be responsible for any redelivery fees imposed by the carrier.
  • NEVER SIGN FOR ANY PACKAGE BEFORE YOU INSPECT IT.  Call BelTile immediately if any damage is visible.  We hope that your order arrives safely and that you are satisfied with your purchase, however, please remember that when the order arrives it is your responsibility to ensure that the product has not been damaged during shipping. Inspect the box for external visible damage, if damaged, remove the packaging and inspect the contents for any physical damage in the presence of the delivery driver. You do not have to open each box if you don't see any visible external damage.  However, we recommend that you open each box regardless of what the exterior of the cartons look like since there can be concealed damage as soon as you receive the materials - this does not have to be done in the presence of the carrier if no exterior damage is present as this would be beyond their scope of service.
  • Delivery services to a residence may require a lift gate and sometimes additional special requirements for services based on the unique requirements of the neighborhood or home.  You may at times avoid the need for a liftgate if you only have a few boxes and they can feasibly be hand unloaded from the truck.   Ultimately, any additional delivery fees will be the responsibility of the purchaser which can exceed the cost provided at the time of order.   Examples include when a forklift is required to move materials to the job site when a pallet jack is not feasible or the delivery location has limited access.  

    (Remember we will replace any damaged items at no charge as long as you follow the instructions)
    FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS :  You must list the visible damage the delivery receipt/Freight Bill of Lading before signing.  Do not rely on verbally discussing the damage with the carrier, you MUST note it on the Bill of Lading or ensure that UPS notes the damage in their system before signing anything. Just use your own words to describe the amount of damage (number of boxes, product, and type of damage)  Retain a copy of the Bill of Lading for your records.
  • When you sign the delivery ticket and do not note any damage, the merchandise becomes your property.  You have the right to inspect your cargo before signing for the delivery. Examine the cartons for damage. Check cartons on ail sides, top and bottom. (Drivers have been known to put the side with the damage down.) Look for any type of visible external damage (no matter how slight), including the following: 
      1. Visible damage to carton
      2. Crushed or dented cartons
      3. Evidence of rough handling
      4. Punctures
      5. Moisture damage
      6. Gouges
      7. Open packages
      8. Sounds of breakage
      9. Creases
      10. Scrape marks
  • If the driver will not let you open the boxes then fully inspect the outside of each carton and note any damages to the packaging, write on the bill of lading something such as the following: "Driver would allow inspection prior to signing. There is Damage to Package, Contents May be Harmed " OR note any obvious damages found, the total number of damaged packages and description of the damage such as "hole in side of box #1" or "Box #2 Crushed on the corner and board with same damage".  Hold all damaged materials. Do not discard. 
  • DO NOT DISCARD ANY OF THE MATERIALS OR PACKING MATERIALS:  If damaged is discovered after the delivery, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to retain all packing material including the carton and to notify BelTile immediately, take photographs of the damage,  forward a copy of the bill of lading and any other documentation. Failure to make claims within 3 days of delivery shall constitute acceptance of the merchandise and waiver of any defects, errors, or shortages.   Again, please take the time to inspect your delivery and if there is any damage be sure to note it on the delivery ticket.  Contact us immediately at 866 925 TILE.  You agree to abide by our damage claim process found here.
  • Once reported, the DAMAGED material is the property of the carrier, by law, and they have 120 days to decide if they wish to inspect, pick up or advise to discard the damaged material. Unless otherwise advised by carrier, do not throw away or destroy any damaged material received. BelTile cannot be held responsible for any damages or shortages that occur due to the fact that the carrier is responsible once the product leaves our possession.