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  • Cuban Heritage Tile Collection

    These tiles recreate an atmosphere of days long ago: speckled light filtering through curtains undulating in the breeze; patios and terraces bathed in the sun; tile floors fresh under bare feet; buildings with majestic marble columns and great halls adorned with showy tile designs; ballrooms, once inhabited by a frenzy of laughter and rhythm, covered with smooth cement tiles where talc was thrown so that feet would glide as if almost floating. Lead time on this collection is a short 4 weeks. Most cement tiles are often all special order, however this collection is ready to ship. If you need expedited shipping, please inquire.

    The Cuban Heritage Collection revives these almost forgotten memories with a set of designs recovered from antiquated houses and crumbling regal buildings in Havana.  In some cases, these structures were in such a state of disrepair that debris had to be removed in order to find the beautiful antique floor of intact tiles underneath. A shock in contrasts, but a fortunate discovery, since many of the old buildings are being destroyed or renovated and these tiles will soon be lost forever.

    Some of the tiles are whimsical and others are modernist, reflecting Cuba’s heyday in the designs. The Cuban Heritage Collection differs from other cement tiles by having more elaborate patterns, using stronger colors, and prominently using double borders to enrich the designs.

    The collection introduces ten historical designs, each one is available in three colorways: one with the original color combination found in Cuba, and two others with more modern and subtle colors. Each piece is handmade by expert craftsmen, just as it was a century ago. While the materials and tools used have changed slightly, this has only improved the tiles’s finish and resistant qualities.

    As with all Aguayo tiles, the manufacturing process and materials used to create the Cuban Heritage Collection result in a green product. The Cuban Heritage Collection is the newest product addition of Industrias Aguayo, a Dominican company, a leader in the cement tile market currently exporting to the United States and the Caribbean.

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