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  • The Devil Wears Prada Glass Mosaic Backsplash

    Everyone was in love with Miranda’s office, while I was looking at the backsplash in the kitchenette.   This gorgeous glass mosaic covered the entire wall as well as the backsplash above the countertop.   Plus,the color choice of "Emily's" dress is perfect for this backdrop.   You can see hints of bronze in the glass which work with the olive green dress.

  • “Sex in the City” Kitchens and Bathrooms

    Miranda’s countertop is a very interesting color choice, considering her back splash.  I am really inclined to say that it does not really work together.   Perhaps, Steve found the tiles at a rummage sale and they did not want to pay for a new countertop.


    Samantha’s bathroom is a no nonsense, hip modern color scheme featuring most likely a grey limestone.   Many new condos throughout New York feature this contemporary design these days in either a beige limestone or a grey limestone.


    Miranda's bathroom is a classic New York bathroom style with basic white subway tile and hexagon or perhaps it is a penny round floor.

  • Luxe Kitchen from Mr. and Mrs. Smith

    Industrial/commercial style kitchens are all the rage.  Here the impressive cold stainless steel is complemented by the glossy Iridescent mosaic tile.    Although we don't know what type of tile is on the counter top, it would be a concern if it is glass as it would tend to scratch if using it as a production surface.   It is beautiful and sometimes design choices may not always be the most practical.  The dark grey floor keeps with the theme.   May be a limestone.   Will have to watch the movie again to get a closer look to see what it is.

    This kitchen is actually in a private home in California.    You can find more on the house here.

  • Amazing Tile Installations from Movies

    Perfect Murder,” with Michael Douglas and Gwenneth Paltrow.   The amazing ceramic tile in the kitchen is so Mediterranean with a Moroccan feel.    The floor tile is below:

    tile_a_perfect_murder floor_tile_movie

    Also, ”Ocean’s Tweleve” showcases some beautiful marble floors.   They remind me of the Giallo Antico marble from Tunisia or Giallo Sienna from Italy.   I absolutely love the unique shape of the half hexagons combined with the black marble.   The best flooring scene is during the laser dance later in the movie.

  • Mission Impossible III Bathroom in Vatican

    This is yet another beautiful tiled bathroom, albeit a movie set.   Would love to see the inspiration photo.  Again, the walls reminds me of Giallo Antico Marble although I am sure all of this is painted faux marble.    Looks like the floor was intended to be a Rosso Verona border with White Carrara with Bardigilo in a checkerboard pattern.


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