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  • What is the best time of the year to buy stone and tile?

    Just like buying cars there is often a better time than others to buy if you are looking for a deal.  I have always tried to buy my car at the end of the year right before Christmas.  Often, no one is shopping for a car and either the dealer is ready to make a deal to move inventory before year end or the salesperson is looking for something extra in his stocking.

    For limestone and marble there are also good times to buy.  During the hot months of July and August, most of us head for the beach, however, for those waiting all year long to get some bargains, this is the best time to shop for stone tiles.  Inventory needs to be cleared before the busy months of the fall, so prices will be cut to sell slow moving items.  Another good time is also the year end around the holidays.  You can find some great bargains on tile and stone but you do need to know who to ask.  Check with dealers who stock inventory.  If they don’t stock, often their distributors run specials that the dealer rarely takes advantage of.  You may need to be somewhat persistent as many employees are not even aware of their distributors’ clearance items.

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